FuelTrust brings on new board members, Jeanette Barlow, Alex Brown, Scott McNabb and Stephen Schueler, adding expertise from shipping, supply chain, and AI veterans, as it prepares for rapid growth in 2022

Combination of shipping and technology sector experience will help business achieve ambitious product and revenue goals in 2022. New advisors include alumni of AP Moller Maersk, Clarksons, and IBM.

Houston, Texas – February 23, 2022 – FuelTrust, the technology company dedicated to creating a trusted and sustainable fuel ecosystem for the maritime industry, today announces it has made four new board appointments. The appointments combine broad business and shipping experience with expertise in emerging fields such as AI and blockchain, supply chain, and neural networks.

FuelTrust brings together AI and blockchain technology to accurately track emissions and manage risk in the marine fuels supply chain. These new advisors boost its capacity to engage key stakeholders across the industry as it rolls out new products and services this year.

Among the appointments are Stephen Schueler, CEO, Enerjen Capital and Jeanette Barlow, VP, Product Marketing, Pegasystems. Stephen, formerly Chief Commercial Officer at AP Moller Maersk, also spent time at Microsoft, and more than two decades at Proctor & Gamble, bringing a deep understanding of the ESG demands of both ship operators and cargo owners. Jeanette has led product teams in the technology sector for more than twenty years, driving double-digit growth for IBM’s Supply Chain business with the Sterling brand.

FuelTrust also adds Alex Brown, co-founder of Vital Neural Networks and Scott McNabb, Head of Sales at Bluemark to its board. Alex has worked in shipping since 2006, helping businesses to adopt new technologies to manage disruption. With over 20 years of experience in the technology industry, Scott has driven growth for global businesses including Oracle and IBM.

Welcoming the new board members, Jonathan Arneault, FuelTrust co-founder and CEO said, “we are committed to providing visibility and transparency into the marine fuel ecosystem through the use of digital technology to empower a more sustainable shipping industry. By adding to our expertise with these appointments, we ensure that FuelTrust will continue to grow on the pace we have set for ourselves from the outset. It is my pleasure to welcome this talent to the team.”

The new appointments to the FuelTrust board come ahead of a busy year for the SaaS business, as it continues to deliver real-time data intelligence products based on AI and blockchain technology to help stakeholders up and down the fuel lifecycle mitigate risk, demonstrate regulatory compliance and deliver against decarbonization targets.

Commenting on his appointment, Stephen Schueler said, “I am proud to work with FuelTrust, the leading global AI and blockchain fuel technology company, enabling the transition to greener, cleaner fuel for many industries including maritime. FuelTrust provides the critical link enabling the shipping industry’s decarbonization effort through fuel data transparency.”

Jeanette Barlow added, “With 90% of the world’s goods traveling by sea, there has never been a more critical time to drive sustainable, transparent supply chains in the maritime industry. I’m thrilled to be working with FuelTrust to apply innovative technologies like AI and blockchain to help shippers, suppliers, and retailers achieve smarter business outcomes and create a better environment for generations to come.”

Alex Brown said, “FuelTrust’s approach to creating a more trusted and sustainable bunker supply chain is helping drive the digital transformation needed in the maritime industry. This transformation is necessary not just to address the issues of disruption, but also to drive efficiency in the global shipping market. FuelTrust has quickly leveraged advancements in AI and blockchain technologies in the deployment of their new offerings, and I am very excited to help them deploy these solutions to the market.”

Scott McNabb commented, “I was immediately drawn to FuelTrust based on their game-changing approach of using AI and blockchain technology to bring trust, transparency and traceability to the global shipping industry. In a sector that produces 3% of the world’s carbon emissions, FuelTrust is leading the charge to change the future of ocean-going fuel consumption and help enable a cleaner and healthier environment for us all. I’m excited to help them in this critical journey”.

About FuelTrust

FuelTrust is a technology company dedicated to creating a trusted and sustainable fuel ecosystem through transparency and traceability. Based in Houston, Texas, they have teams working across North America and Europe.

FuelTrust leverages its technology platform to create insights that reduce risk and improve ESG outcomes by authenticating relationships across the fuel lifecycle, digitally verifying data from shared sources, validating decarbonization and compliance, and identifying potential fraud and risk.  With deep insight into when, where and from whom quality fuel is supplied, FuelTrust solution allows companies to alleviate the financial impact of bad fuel, mitigate regulatory risk, and empower sustainable shipping.