Bunker Insights™ for Fleets

Reduce the financial impact of bad fuel, mitigate regulatory risk, and empower greener fleets.

Solving today’s global shipping issues

Bunker Insights for Fleets provides a real-time view into the supply chain by establishing the movement and measurement of fuel at each step of the fuel lifecycle. This means you can ensure the quality, quantity and compatibility of the fuel you purchase.

Validate decarbonization
Expose fuel fraud
Cut operating costs
Reduce compatibility risk

Validate the quantity, quality and composition of fuel purchased

An analysis of chemical changes is performed at each hand-off in the supply chain. This is compared to past composition and amounts to determine if there are any discrepancies.

Identify potential quality and fraud risks

All lab information is reviewed using artificial intelligence. This allows you to know at what point a potential adulteration to the chemical make-up or volume has occurred.

Be alerted to real-time volume or composition discrepancies

Discrepancies in fuel volume, based on your pre-determined thresholds, are identified. Alerts are then sent in real-time so you can take corrective action.

Receive AI insights into your lab report analysis

You will have deep understanding of the fuel content, grade, compliance, TSPs, energy content, and CO2 emissions outcomes from each bunkering.

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The Cost of Fraud in the Maritime Fuel Market

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