Carbon Baseline

Validated historic carbon performance in weeks, not months

Gain a commercial and ESG compliance advantage
with a validated carbon baseline

Decarbonization is a critical issue in the shipping industry, with pressure led by regulators, consumers, and investors. With carbon reduction targets of 40% by the year 2030 it is critical that fleets have exacting data on yearly emissions output. A validated carbon baseline will help ensure the industry can achieve decarbonization goals and avoid high carbon taxes and fees.

How accurate is your current carbon emissions analysis?

Our recent analysis on over 12,000 vessels indicates that emissions reporting in the industry in 2021 was over-reported by an average of 4.18% – with the range being from 2% to 20%!

Current emissions models offer only rough estimates, based on generic models, that don’t account for chemical interactions, bunker batch data, or supply chain impacts. Additionally, most methods require massive amounts of manual input, or the installation of costly devices aboard vessels.

You may be closer to your goals than you think

Scientifically validated carbon emissions information could be critical in support of your CII and EEXI regulated reporting, and validating your IMO 2030 and 2050 emissions reduction goals.

One of our clients calculated they had achieved a 4% reduction against their IMO 2030 goal of 40%. Our analysis, going back to 2019, proved they had achieved a 36% reduction! That’s a significant difference with big financial implications when it comes to future carbon taxes and vessel value.

We deliver scientifically validated carbon baselines

FuelTrust uses cloud-based AI and blockchain technology to deliver accurate yearly emissions results using your historical operation data – in as little as 8 weeks. With proven and certified detail of your entire emissions stack you can:

  • Provide verified carbon emissions results needed for CII and EEXI regulations and 2024 carbon tax planning.
  • Measure the ROI of efficiency investments such as scrubbers, coatings, operational improvements, etc.
  • Scientifically validate yearly emissions reduction in support of 2030 and 2050 IMO goals

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Introducing our AI Digital Chemist – it’s a lot more than just chemical formulas

Our AI Digital Chemist is at the core of everything we do. It helps us know where each batch of fuel came from, what changes happened to it over its lifecycle, how it will operate in a particular engine under specific conditions — allowing us to make extremely fine predictions about what happens during combustion and ensure a sustainable bunker supply.

How is all this possible? Listen to Darren Shelton, co-founder and 25-year maritime veteran, explain how we create a chemical DNA of fuel:

Create a carbon baseline in as little as 8 weeks

How we deliver a validated historic carbon baseline faster, at less cost:

Meet With The Experts

FuelTrust’s experts meet your Fleet Operations and IT teams to review data sets

Data Collection

Data artifacts gathered for mapping and ingestion into our secure platform; COAs, BDNs, day logs, and ship details

Digital Twin Programming & AI Processing

Creation of engine combustion and bunker chemical digital twins; processing of data

Initial Findings Review

Year over year CO2, NOx, and SOx output by fleet

Carbon Baseline & Blockchain Certification

Immutable record of the findings in our hybrid blockchain, shareable to third parties with your permission

File Regulatory Documentation

Submit validated FuelTrust certifications in support of actual carbon emissions

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Carbon Baseline is a consulting engagement that delivers results in as little as 8 weeks. Our team of AI and blockchain experts are here to help you get started.

Why work with FuelTrust?

Companies that use calculator tools based on industry estimates, or require pricey and high-maintenance devices aboard vessels, don’t provide accurate or verified data output.  FuelTrust uses patent-pending technology, and your operation information, to alleviate guess work, ensure bunker fuel quality, and provide exacting detail of emissions measurement for each vessel and each voyage.