Risk Provenance

Risk provenance is not industry specific. It is determined through business flow.

Today, more than ever, it’s critical to understand when, where and by whom risk is introduced into supply and business processes. Risk provenance provides you with the key components you need to alleviate risk—discreet origination, data immutability, parameter analysis and compliance modeling.

Do you understand when, where, and by whom risk is introduced?

Risk provenance provides:

Discreet Origination

Data Immutability

Parameter Analysis

Compliance Modeling

Why risk provenance?

When you understand when and where risk occurs, you can reduce financial impact to the bottom line. In the maritime industry, Risk Provenance brings bunker lifecycle transparency into every touch point – from origin to final destination – and every step in between.

Backed by the power of AI/machine learning and blockchain technology in shipping, you can achieve:

  • Reliable Origination
  • Protected Traceability
  • Responsible Transparency
  • DNA of the data
  • Connected, meaningful insights

Permissioned transparency into the bunker fuel lifecycle alleviates:


Counterfeit Materials

Uncertified Personnel

Neglected Maintenance

No-Recourse Damage

Product Adulteration

Financial Arbitrage

Regulatory Arbitration

Other Specified Risk Factors

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